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About Us

Superframers & The Bank Art Gallery

In the beginning, everything is fresh and exciting!

Bill and I bought Superframers & The Bank Art Gallery in November 2012, nearly 5 years ago. 

We created an amazing Art Gallery, with picture framing on the side. Catered openings, larger than life sculptures, wonderful artworks, amazing artists filled the our gallery.   Art lovers were feted with wine, local beers, great food, and local musicians.  I was in art heaven.

Then, reality loomed large.  She taught me at least 8 crucial business lessons:

1. Displaying and selling art is the icing. Custom picture framing is the cake.  

Our custom picture framing compliments the power of artwork to transform the atmosphere in any room.

2. Our clients appreciate excellence and craftsmanship.

They understand that we craft a product designed to meet their unique requirements, which are well beyond anything that can be purchased off the shelf.

3. Our conversation with each client helps create the best product for them.

We ask questions.  Where will the framed work be hung? What feeling is to be evoked with this framed presentation?  Furniture, wall coverings, even curtains contribute to recommendations. 

4. Our clients love choice. 

Our in-house range of moulding samples and mats is extensive.

5. Our clients want to be confident in making the right choices.

Our expertise combined with our virtual computer model of the finished job helps. 

6. Great customer experience is crucial.

Every client must be satisfied with the finished job.  If there is even a hint of dissatisfaction, we resolve it. 

7. Our clients appreciate our magnificent heritage premises.

We celebrate our partnership with this historic treasure.

8. Change is inevitable.  We find it exciting.  

Superframers & The Bank Art Gallery is in the midst of change.  All will be revealed in spring when the cherry trees blossom and the daffodils push through the fertile Southland soil..

...Something's coming!

We'd appreciate your input.  How could we make your experience at Superframers better? You're welcome to call us or contact us via our Contact Form, available by clicking here. Please consider taking our survey to help better serve you, our custom picture framing clients.

Kind regards,

Beverly Claridge, Managing and Creative Director

What we do

Picture framing and other presentation services
Photo restoration
Image manipulation
Photo on canvas 
Wide-format archival fine printing 
Passport photos
Offer artwork and other hand-crafted goods from select artists from Southland and New Zealand.
Gift Cards
Gift Registry

After-hours by appointment. Phone 027 748 6014